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The Change Agenda for 2011

Change underlines the Coalition Government’s agenda for the property industry including the principle of decentralisation of power from Whitehall to local communities.  The Localism Bill, published in December 2010, “will enact new rights allowing local people to shape and influence the places where they live, revolutionising the planning process by passing power down to those who know best about their neighbourhoods” (Decentralisation Minister Greg Clark).  The Infrastructure Planning Commission will be replaced by a democratically accountable system for major infrastructure but otherwise neighbourhood plans will replace regional planning enabling local communities to grant planning permission if a local majority is in favour of a proposed development.

The Government is also having a radical look at building regulations and asking if each is absolutely necessary and if it is, whether it requires changing, rationalising and/or updating.  A paper entitled “Future Changes to the Building Regulations – next steps” was also published in December 2010.

High on the list of the Government’s priorities is energy efficiency and the Energy Bill was introduced into the House of Lords for its first reading on 8 December 2010.  Amongst its provisions is the introduction of the “Green Deal”.  This will enable private firms to offer to commercial and residential consumers energy efficient improvements, products and services for no up front costs.  The provider will recoup the cost from subsequent energy bill instalments.

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